How do I save Jane App to my home screen on a

Step One: Sign into your Jane account using the Browser on your Device.

** Note that you’ll need to be using Safari on iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Chrome on an Android device and if you regularly open and view PDF documents, it would be best to run Jane directly from Safari instead of a bookmark. Apple designed their bookmarks in a way that prevents easily navigating out of an opened document. **

Be sure you’re not using a private or incognito browser if you want your browser to remember your username and password for easier access, or alternately use a private window if you don’t want to be remembered.

In either case be sure you have a password on your phone or device for an extra step of security.

Step Two: Create the button


Enter the Share option menu and then the “Add to Home Screen” button.


Click HERE for Andriod instructions.

Add to Home Screen