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Professional Clinical Counselling

Talk therapy to help you receive an unbiased perspective

Counselling is a form of talk therapy where individuals and couples can discuss private matters in their lives that are concerning or bothersome in a confidential setting. Unlike speaking with a close friend or family, a counsellor provides an unbiased perspective and has the skills and training to support you in developing new coping skills, making lasting behavioural changes, and gaining insight into your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you. Successful counselling results in improvements in mental wellbeing and increased satisfaction in life.


Counselling is collaborative and your therapist will help you to identify attainable goals so that you have measurable outcomes. Your counsellor will also track your goal progress and help guide you when obstacles arise. Counselling approaches and intervention techniques can be dynamic and flexible, and often include problem solving, behavioural modifications (e.g., activity scheduling), relaxation techniques, role playing, and other approaches. You may also want your counsellor to collaborate with the other health professionals in your life to take a holistic approach to wellness. It is important that your counsellor is a good fit so that you feel safe, comfortable and free to express yourself on your path to wellness.

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Meghan Wallace

Registered Clinical Counsellor
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Christina Boonzaayer

Registered Clinical Counsellor

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