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Massage Therapy
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If you’re looking for a massage therapist in Burnaby, you have found the right place.

At our massage therapy clinic, get –

  • Certified massage therapists
  • Covid safety
  • Dedicated parking
  • Friendly staff
  • Thorough initial consultation
  • ICBC and Medavie direct billing
Registered Massage Therapy

An important component to your wellness

Massage therapy is an important element of optimal health for many of our clients overcoming chronic conditions, dealing with post-surgical pain, rehabilitation or simply battling the rigors of a taxing training regimen. Our massage therapists have a broad understanding of their field and a diversity of understanding and techniques.

Therapies & Treatments

Deep tissue massage - Swedish massage - Myofascial release therapy - Trigger point release therapy - Pre/Post natal massage - Post mastectomy massage - Craniosacral therapy


In order to become a Registered Massage Therapist, the therapists complete a minimum of 2200 hours of post secondary education, which gives them extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body. The overall goal of massage therapy is to decrease pain, improve range of motion and increase your rate of recovery. This is accomplished by releasing tension in your muscles, joints, connective tissue, fascia, ligaments, and tendons.

Our team of practitioners

Our Massage Therapists

Team Image

Tycson Boult

Director of Massage Therapy
Team Image

Davinder Kalsi

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Zach Toftager

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Linda Radonjic

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Julie Nellis

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Christine Yang

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Sarah Ma

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Dilpreet Toor

Massage Therapist
Team Image

Brian Nguyen

Massage Therapist

Each of our massage therapists is qualified with over 500 hours of hands-on experience. They are specialists in releasing stress from different parts of the body

Everyone here is multilingual and multi-ethnic. They have varied levels and niches of expertise.

You may book an appointment with any massage therapist if you wish to, from their profile page.

Because of Covid, we are currently not doing home visits



what we do


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) - ­­Headaches - Migraines - Whiplash - Peripheral neuropathy - Tendonitis - Joint replacement - Post-surgical scar treatment - Musculoskeletal pain - Repetitive stress injuries - Stress relief - Arthritis - Bursitis - Motor vehicle accident recovery - Sports-related injuries

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does your massage therapy cover?

    A typical massage therapy involves manipulating the soft tissues of your body like the muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and the skin. The technique is to use varying pressures and movements to stimulate proper blood flow and adjustment.

    The Catalyst Kinetics Group massage therapies in Burnaby, BC include

    • Swedish massage
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Trigger point release therapy
    • Myofascial release therapy
    • Craniosacral therapy
    • Post mastectomy massage.

    Transform your life with regular therapy.

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    2. Do I need massage therapy?

    Massage therapies are so therapeutic that everyone should get them once a week. You may need massage therapy if you

    • Are feeling stressed
    • Get frequent headaches
    • Have a sedentary lifestyle
    • Lack flexibility because of painful joints
    • Have poor posture
    • Have trouble sleeping
    • Have never had a massage before

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    3. Can I book a particular massage therapist?

    Of course! Simply find the massage therapist you like, and book an appointment right from their profile page.

    Each therapist’s schedule is always updated and you want to book your favorite therapist before the slot you want is full.

    4. What to expect in the 1st session of massage therapy?

    During these Covid times, it may be a bit difficult to navigate around appointments. However, we have laid out a concise and safe 4-step process for you.

    • Book an appointment online

    Catalyst Kinetics Group starts you off online first. Please register or get in touch with through Jane App, email or phone call.

    New clients will have to book an initial assessment before booking our services. It is in the best interest of everyone. Please bear with us.

    To book an appointment with us, sign up first and create your account.

    • Complete health questionnaire

    Next, please download the Catalyst Kinetics Group Health Questionnaire and complete it within 48 hours of your appointment. Please email the form to our reception, or bring the hard copy with you when you visit. Call us for further queries at 604-254-7687.

    • Complete the Covid – 19 screening questionnaire

    Please complete the covid 19 health questionnaire 48 hours before you visit our premises. We request you to email the questionnaire to our reception or bring the hard copy with you when you visit.

    • Appointment Day

    On the day of the appointment please arrive 5 minutes before the appointment, or 15 minutes before if  you are yet to complete the questionnaires. There is ample parking on our premises and you may be asked to wait in your car.

    Since you’re here for a massage, please dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to stretch.

    We request you to wear a mask when you’re on the premises or you’ll be provided one for a nominal price, at the entrance.

    Please ensure that your credit card details are already on the Jane App for easy, fast and contact free payments.