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Adam Nugent-Hopkins

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Adam studied for his Bachelor of Science at the University of Concordia and Langara College. He has had the privilege of interning with the University of Minnesota’s hockey, basketball, and wrestling programs under the guidance of strength and conditioning coach, Cal Dietz. Adam has also studied with several other world renowned practitioners such as Kevin Ziegler, a former strength and conditioning coach for the Phoenix Coyotes and Tampa Bay Lightning, and physiotherapist Dr. Jim Olson.

Adam played competitive hockey for 25 years, ultimately reaching a university level. This has led him to specialize in performance training for hockey players and other athletes looking to improve in their respective sports. Adam uses the principles from his Triphasic Training and Reflexive Performance Reset® certifications when training his athletes. With his extensive experience training hockey athletes, Adam is the Director of the Hockey Kinetics program here at Catalyst Kinetics Group. 

He also enjoys working with those trying to reach their fitness and health goals through personal training and active rehabilitation. Adam has experience working with a variety of clients from 8 year olds to elite athletes in team, group, and one-on-one settings. 

Adam is still very actively involved with the hockey community. He is the head coach for the Greater Vancouver Canadian Bantam zone team, and also coaches spring hockey. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, kayaking, and using his photography skills to capture the nature around us!


Reflexive Performance Reset® certification

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