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With an initial interest into engineering and mechanics, Davinder took an unexpected slide into a new career path once he had come across some of his own severe sports injuries. The initial twist that turned him towards a career into the health field happened after he suffered a devastating snowboarding accident causing him to severely dislocate his shoulder and having to be directly escorted to the hospital.  This life altering accident had taken him out of his most favourite sports including kickboxing, wrestling, and weight lifting, as well as putting all the adrenaline pumping activities to a halt during his years of recovery. Throughout this process, he noticed some practitioners were good, great, and not so great, at giving the best help necessary to help aid in a quick and healthy recovery which in turn, delayed his healing process creating more injuries down the road. With this experience, Davinder took his frustrations about this problem into a new fueled passion to help be a part of the solution to provide the best care possible through a highly reputable company like Catalyst Kinetics Group to be able to help as many people as possible get back to their original quality of life as quickly and as safely as possible!

Prior to Davinder earning the title Registered Massage Therapist, he was a personal trainer taking many continuing education courses in his related field and later on, after enrolling into the massage therapy program, graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in December 2020 while accumulating over 500 hours of clinical massage experience.  His areas of interest are shoulder related injuries, since they are the most relatable to his own injuries, as well as many types of sprains, strains, nerve entrapment pathologies,and motor vehicle accident(MVA) related injuries.

Davinder continues to take continuing educational courses related to his field to help progress himself and his patients to their best selves. During his down time, he enjoys weight lifting, hiking, hanging out with friends and family, working on his cars and motorcycles, and any sports or activities that induce a high adrenaline rush!

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