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Our Naturopathic Doctors are highly trained and are dedicated to providing exceptional care with exceptional knowledge. Each of our physicians will address your healthcare needs, offering a robust combination of modalities for you, your family and your friends.
In the context of your naturopathic assessment, we guarantee:
  • Fully licensed Naturopathic Doctors
  • Transparent pricing upfront
  • Seamless interactions with other professionals
  • Dedicated parking
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
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The diverse and innovative treatment options presented by Naturopathic Medicine offer important solutions to many clients at Catalyst Kinetics Group (CKG). A complete Naturopathic diagnostic approach may generally include nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress-management, targeted supplementation and possibly lab work. Our overall approach is to discover the fastest and most effective means of correcting the cause of a problem, so you can reach optimal health without the need for continuous intervention. This often leads us to work closely with other medical professionals both internally and externally to ensure you receive the most effective and efficient treatment.

Combining the Right Techniques

acupuncture - botanical medicine - nutritional assessment - laboratory assessment - ultrasound-guided regenerative injection therapies including neural therapy, perineural therapy, prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, hyaluronic acid, cortisone - pharmaceutical prescriptions (limited) and supplementation - Bioidentical Hormone therapy - Intravenous therapy

Regenerative Injection Therapies

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) encompasses the strategic injection of specialized solutions into compromised soft tissue, including ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. This targeted approach stimulates localized inflammation, fostering a natural healing response. The aim is to promote the formation of new connective tissue, enhancing the strength and integrity of ligaments, tendons, and related structures. At Catalyst Kinetics Group, our primary RIT modalities are Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). The goals of these treatments include, but are not limited to improvements in strength, stability, function and the reduction of pain and stiffness. These techniques are often complemented by other interventions, specifically exercise rehabilitation.

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Dr. Claire Wilson

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Dr. Bailey Sallis

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Dr. Jonathon Berghamer

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Dr. Michael Bastien

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Dr. Adam Godkin

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Naturopathic Medicine Recommended for?

    Naturopathic Medicine is recommended for individuals seeking a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to elevate their overall well-being.

    Our dedicated Naturopathic Doctors actively engage in understanding your concerns and collaborate with you on effective solutions. The approach of Naturopathic Medicine seamlessly integrates the intricacies of both modern and natural medicine to prevent, diagnose, and treat various conditions.

    2. What is the difference between a naturopath and a naturopathic doctor?

    To become a Naturopathic Doctor, a Bachelor’s degree is required before attending a four year professional, in-residence doctoral program accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). This is followed by the completion of rigorous provincial and international licensing examinations. In B.C. Naturopathic Doctors are licensed to provide primary health care and must be in good standing with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC).

    Comparatively, Naturopaths are unregulated practitioners that attend various online or in person programs of which are not accredited or standardized. These individuals are not eligible for licensing exams and are not able to diagnose or prescribe.

    3. How do I book an appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor?

    View our practitioners’ availability and book appointments through our Booking App

    If you are new to seeing one of our Naturopathic Doctors, be sure to book a New Patient visit.

    If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to

    4. Do I need to visit the clinic for Naturopathic Medicine?

    All new patient visits are to be completed in person so that our Doctors can meet you in person and perform any physical exams that may be necessary. If indicated, your practitioner may then recommend the option of following up with online or Telehealth consultations.