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The various treatments and array of symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI) are continuously changing and evolving. Luckily, due to an increased awareness of TBIs and research, new groundbreaking techniques are available. It has been shown that with TBIs and mild TBIs, the client will present with a decreased function of their pituitary gland (also known as the “master gland”). The decreased function can recover within a year, but this loss persists more than 40% of the time. This loss leads to chronic hormonal deficiencies throughout the body. These deficiencies are why Dr. Mark Gordon, the founder of Millennium Health Centers Inc, has developed a comprehensive blood panel, looking into how an individual’s hormones are affected following a TBI.  With this blood panel, our practitioners are able to create a specific treatment plan to correct a client’s hormonal imbalances, improving their post-concussion symptoms.

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Lab Tests

A laboratory test is a medical procedure that involves testing a sample of blood, urine or other substances from your body. Laboratory tests are often used to aid in diagnosis, treatment plan, progress of treatment and/or to monitor a disease.

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Traumatic brain injury - Thyroid function - Hormone testing - Digestive testing - Food sensitivities - LifeLabs testing with referral from a naturopathic doctor

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