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Real Solutions to Iron Deficiency

Intravenous Iron Infusions at

Catalyst Kinetics Group

We are excited to be offering intravenous iron therapy as one of our lab services.

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1. Why consider infusions over oral supplementation of iron?

While oral iron is an option and is often recommended as first line treatment, it may not be well-tolerated, and compliance can be challenging. Normalizing iron levels through oral supplementation can take considerable time, and it may be difficult to achieve optimal levels, provided the underlying cause of the deficiency is successfully addressed. In contrast, iron infusions offer a safe and effective alternative, often elevating iron levels with a single infusion.

2. Am I a candidate for iron infusions?

You may be a candidate for iron infusions if your iron stores (ferritin) are below 60ug/L and the infusions are considered to be safe based on your health history.

3. What is the process to get an Iron infusion?

If you currently do not work with one of our Naturopathic Doctors (ND), you will need to book in for an IV Iron Assessment appointment where one of our ND’s will review your health history and establish a plan specific for you. Your ND will need to obtain a hematology/CBC & ferritin level within the last 3 months. If you already have this, please be sure to send your results in before your appointment. If you do not have this, our ND can requisition these labs for you and arrange an IV based on your results.

4. Who will be administering the infusion?

Majority of our infusions will be completed by our Registered Nurse in our IV suite however, your ND may opt to do it for you as well. Currently, iron infusions are only offered at our Burnaby location, though a practitioner from any location can refer for the infusions.

5. What types of iron infusions are provided and how many infusions are required?

We offer both Venofer and Monoferric iron. During your assessment, your ND will discuss which one they recommend for you.

Monoferric is administered typically in a single infusion. Venofer is given over a series of infusions ranging between 3-5, depending on your lab work.

Follow up lab work is completed at least 4 weeks following the last infusion and reassessed at that point, if needed, further infusions may be recommended.

6. Is it safe to get iron infusions if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Iron infusions are safe and indicated to replete iron levels during pregnancy and in the post-partum period while breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, we recommend completing your iron infusions at a location where fetal heart rate can be monitored. If you need assistance in locating a clinic, please reach out to our team. In Canada, Venofer is the only approved iron during pregnancy.

7. What is the cost of the infusion? Will my insurance cover it?

Monoferric iron will be sent via a prescription to a pharmacy that will contact you for payment. If you have drug coverage, the injectable may be completely or partially covered. A 500mg dose is $320 and a 1000mg dose is $600. The infusion fee for Monoferric is $250 and may be completely or partially covered by your extended medical benefits if you have Naturopathic coverage.

Venofer iron is kept in house, so no prescription is required. The infusion fee varies on the dosage and is as follows, 100mg ($180), 200mg ($260), 300mg ($315). The infusion fee may be completely or partially covered by your extended medical benefits if you have Naturopathic coverage.

8. How should I prepare for my infusion? How long will it take?

To prepare, make sure to eat a meal beforehand and hydrate. You may want to bring water and a small snack with you. Be sure to wear attire where the sleeves can easily be rolled up.

Depending on the dosage of your infusion, you may need to schedule between 45-90 minutes. During your first infusion, you will review the consent form and the infusion will be introduced slowly. You may also be asked to stick around for 20 minutes following your infusion.

9. Do I continue to take oral supplementation during the infusions?

It is not necessary to continue oral supplementation of iron during iron infusions, unless recommended by your practitioner.

10. Are there any side effects of iron infusions?

Most patients undergo the infusion without any side effects. Some may encounter a mild rash or flushing, typically alleviated by slowing the infusion rate. Approximately 1 in 10 patients may experience flu-like symptoms, such as muscle or joint aches, persisting for one to several days post-infusion. Though these symptoms are benign and often self-resolving, over-the-counter medications can significantly improve discomfort. The administering practitioner will review the consent form with you and answer all your questions before your first infusion.

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